Smartflow Products  
Smartflow Products
Water Manifolds - Standard and Custom
Flow Meters
Flow Meters - Electronic
Dr. Eddy™ Turbulent Flow Indicator
Mold Temperature Controllers
SWAP™ Valves
Limit Switches and Accessories
FasTie® Quick Ejector Tie-In System
Flow Regulators
Water & Hydraulic Oil Filters
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Products for Hi-Temp Applications  
Plastixs Integrated Solutions
HiTemp™ Configurable Manifold Systems
Nylon Manifolds
Plastixs Security Couplers
Hose & Fittings for Higher Temperatures

Material and Parts Handling  
Material & Parts Handling
Mold Shields™
Mold Chutes™ and Mold Skirts™
Gaylord and Drum Covers

Ejector Pins  
Plastixs Ejector Pins
Straight and Shoulder Ejector Pins
Through Hardened Straight and Shoulder
Ejector Sleeves
Blade Ejectors
Metric Pins
Core Pins
Specialty Pins

Mold Components  
Molding & Tooling Components
Standard Water Couplers
Date Code Insert
Ionix Static Eliminator

Morris Coupling Products  
Morris Coupling Products


Slide Products, Inc.  
Slide Bulk and Aerosol Products
Mold Cleaners
Mold Releases
Rust Preventives
Purging Compounds
Specialty Products
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Industrial Hose, Tubing, Coupings Main Page  
Tigerflex Hose and Accessories
Hose, Tubing, Couplings - Main Page
Tigerflex Material Application Guide
KuriTec Material Application Guide

Industrial Heating Products  
Industrial Heating Products
Thermaloc Nozzle Band Heaters
Mica Band Heaters
Ceramic Knuckle Band Heaters
Thermocouple and RTD Probes

Heat Transfer Fluid  
Heat Transfer Fluids
Paratherm OR
Paratherm NF
Paratherm MR
Paratherm SC

RRR Oil Cleaners  
Triple R Oil Cleaner
Oil Purification System
Filter Element Series

Mold Wiring Systems & Cables  
Mold Wiring Systems and Cables
Hot Runner Wiring Systems and Control Cables
Mold Junction Boxes
Power and Thermocouple Cables