How to Reduce Tubing Abrasion in High Wear Applications

By admin | February 24, 2022| Blog

Do you have abrasion, angel hair or fines in your pneumatic conveying system?

If so, RaBend pneumatic conveying bends from Vactec provide a simple and cost-effective solution to these common material conveying issues.

How RaBend Works

Designers and users of pneumatic conveying systems for the plastics industry can improve performance and efficiency of even glass-filled materials because RaBend eliminates the “Impact and Friction Zone” present in short and long radius elbows, which causes:

  • “Angel hair” aka stringers that plug downstream equipment
  • Elbow wear caused by conveying glass-filled materials
  • Product degradation resulting in excessive fines
  • Machine downtime and lost productivity

RaBend’s innovative, patented geometry eliminates both the impact and impact zone by creating a “heal” of material in a recessed pocket just beyond what would normally be a right angle. As material collects in the heal, the material impacts on itself as it is conveyed. The pocket will clean out completely after a short purge conveying cycle.

The impact and friction present in traditional short and long radius elbows are completely eliminated and the protected discharge leg reduces any straight section wear. As a result, you will reduce maintenance time and save money on vacuum component replacement. Additionally, quality and productivity will increase for processors dealing with “angel hair” and material degradation in their vacuum loading systems.

You can see exactly how RaBend works in the nine-second video below.

Video Demo

More About Vactec Rabend

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