How to Select the Right Rust Preventive for Your Molds

By admin | October 15, 2021| Blog

Rust preventives ensure that your injection molds are protected while not in use. Vapor residue, trapped moisture – even a fingerprint – can invite rust and leave you with damage to an expensive mold if you’re not using the right rust preventive for your application.

With the most effective and broadest range of rust preventives on the market, SLIDE Products has the protection you need. That’s why we’ve been representing their expertly formulated line of products, including rust preventives, since 1989.

SLIDE has multiple rust preventives to choose from. At Plastixs, we can help you choose and use the best one for protecting your molds – and the significant investment you have in them.

Best Selling Rust Preventives

A Unique Formulation

Mold Shield (42910P) is SLIDE’s most popular rust preventive because of the unique, dry formula that protects against fingerprint acids and seals out condensation – there is no other rust preventive like it on the market.

Mold Shield goes on dry, leaving behind a coating of oils for ongoing protection. As a result, Mold Shield does not penetrate any part of the mold that will be difficult to clean. Most rust preventives go on wet and can bleed into ejector pins and other areas of the mold.

Mold Shield cleans up faster and easier than wetter rust preventive sprays. Mold Shield actually self-cleans during startup (first few cycles) as the mold is heating up and test shots are being injected.

Though it’s ASTM rated for up to two years, Mold Shield is also recommended for shorter shutdowns. Learn more >

The Legacy Formulation

No-Rust (40212M) is the second rust preventive formulation developed in 1950 and is just as effective at neutralizing fingerprint acid, displacing condensation and sealing mold from outside condensation. No-Rust provides up to five years of protection, making it effective for long-term storage, shipping and heavy coatings. Learn more >

The Red Tint

Quick RP Rust Preventive with Indicator Dye (42810RP) seals out condensation and neutralizes fingerprint acids. Quick RP’s unique capability stems from the red tracing dye that leaves behind a red tint when sprayed, for complete and uniform coverage. Quick RP also goes on dry and does not bleed into ejector pins and other parts of the mold. Learn more >

PVC & Flame-Retardant Resin Protection

Acid Vapor Neutralizer (44011P) provides protection for molding PVC and flame-retardant resins, offering protection against moisture, hydrochloric and hydrobromic acid vapors, and even hand sanitizer, which has shown to be a mold contaminant.

Food-Grade Rust Preventive

White Rhino (46710P) provides up to two years of protection for injection mold assemblies used to produce food packaging (NSF category H1) and performs as well as Mold Shield. Learn more >

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Rust Preventive

If you’re unsure of which rust preventive to use, the Plastixs team can help. With decades of experience working with injection molders, we can quickly help you find the right rust preventive, determine if buying in bulk makes sense, and get it to you as expediently as possible.

Contact us to learn more about SLIDE rust preventives