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How to Select the Right Rust Preventive for Your Molds

By admin | October 15, 2021| Blog

Rust preventives ensure that your injection molds are protected while not in use. Vapor residue, trapped moisture – even a fingerprint – can invite rust and leave you with damage to an expensive mold if you’re not using the right rust preventive for your application.

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Moldshields help you reclaim your parts that are lost or damaged once ejected and bounce out of the machine, which can generate a 10x ROI on their first day of use.

Moldshields are simple, cost-effective side shield curtains that contain parts in the machine when they are ejected from the mold. This prevents your parts from... read more


Your Guide for Selecting the Right Mold Release

By admin | September 29, 2021| Blog

Mold releases create a barrier between your molds and resins, preventing them from sticking to each other, which can lead to part defects and mold damage. In the process, mold releases can extend the life of your molds and increase production throughput – as long as you’re using the right one.

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For injection molders,flowmeters offer cost-effective, automated monitoring of water flow to preventproduct defects, mold damage and downtime.

Consistent flow of water is critical for ensuring the righttemperature and pressure needed for injection molding parts with precision andmaximizing production throughput.

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