Moldshields help you reclaim your parts that are lost or damaged once ejected and bounce out of the machine, which can generate a 10x ROI on their first day of use.

Moldshields are simple, cost-effective side shield curtains that contain parts in the machine when they are ejected from the mold. This prevents your parts from... read more


For injection molders,flowmeters offer cost-effective, automated monitoring of water flow to preventproduct defects, mold damage and downtime.

Consistent flow of water is critical for ensuring the righttemperature and pressure needed for injection molding parts with precision andmaximizing production throughput.

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With so many mold cleaners on the market, it’s hard to knowwhich one will work best on your molds. Here’s your guide for selecting theright one.

As a staple in both injection molding and extruding, moldcleaners break down the contaminants that can potentially damage plastic parts,the mold itself and production... read more



The AIRTECTPlastic Leak Alarm System provides an early detection system for leaks in yourplastic molds, preventing costly repairs and downtime.

Molten plastic leaks are more than just a nuisance for injectionmolders; even a minor leak can spell disaster, significantly damaging your moldsand requiring extensive... read more



Whilea distributor supplies products, a true partner will work with you to solve yourproblems, maximize uptime and give you time back.

Sourcingthe right products is more than about finding the right distributor, but withso many suppliers, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Ifyou already know what you... read more