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SMARTFLOW® Aluminum Manifold Assemblies w/LinkedXValve™ control

1" and 1-1/2" SMARTFLOW® Aluminum Stainless Steel Manifold Assemblies with (8,12,16,24 or 32 total) 1/2" NPT ports and LinkedXValve control.  A supply and return manifold side-by-side each with 4,6,8,12 or 16 ports (8,12,16,24 or 32 total) and having 1" or 1-1/2" NPT (F) inlets on each end. Each manifold is assembled with:

  • Qty. 8,12,16,24 or 32 (total): 1/2" full port brass valved installed on each port.
  • Qty. 4,6,8,12 or 16 (total): Plastixs LinkedXValve control. Allowing the operation of both supply and return valves with a single lever.
  • Qty. 8,12,16,24 or 32 (total): 300 Series Male Quick Disconnect plug installed in each valve.


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