Combination Hose Nipples


Kuriyama® Combination Hose Nipples

Kuriyama® Combination Hose Nipples are used in a range of applications including construction and agriculture. Available in a variety of materials from 1/2-inch to 12-inch sizes. Steel, Plated Steel, Polypropylene and Glass Reinforced Nylon.

Hosenipples combo circle

Combination Hose Nipples in plain steel or zinc plated steel

Hexnipples combo circle

Steel Hex Combination Hose Nipples in Plain Steel or Zinc-Plated Steel 

Stainlesssteelnipples combo circle

Stainless Steel Combination Hose Nipples in 304SS or 316SS

Glassreinforcednipples combo circle

Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Combination Hose Nipples

Polyurethane nipples combo circle

Polypropylene Combination Hose Nipples


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