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Dr. Eddy Flowmeter with Fluid Characteristic Indication (FCI) Technology

Using FCI Technology, Dr. Eddy displays the condition of the water as it relates to flow efficiency: laminar flow, transient flow, or turbulent flow. Dr. Eddy has four scales built into the meter: three scales for FCI and one scale for flow rate. FCI Scales are selectable and correspond to cooling line inside diameter. Flow rate scale can be referenced quickly for additional functionality.


  • Brass or Reinforced Nylon Ends with 1/4" or 3/8" NPT(F)
  • Scales in English or available in Metric Units
  • Polysulfone Sight Glass
  • Standard Dual-Scale Temperature Gauge
  • Optional Quick-Disconnect Fittings
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 210°F/99°C
  • Max. Pressure: 100 psi/6.9 bar

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