SLIDE® Econo-Spray

Need more value from your industrial solutions?

Try the SLIDE® Econo-Spray® line.



SLIDE® Econo-Spray®

It contains many of the same extremely effective active ingredients.  So you get a great value and great savings.

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Econospray1 newcap circle

Economical, non-paintable silicone mold release agent. Food-approved for lubricant. Recognized by UL.

Econospray2 newcap circle

Economical, paintable mold release agent.

Econospray3 newcap circle

Economical, non-silicone, paintable mold release agent. Food-approved lubricant.

Econospray cleaner newcap circle

Mold cleaner contains food approved solvents. Removes silicones, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces.


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