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SLIDE® Econo-Spray Rust Preventive No. 45510

SLIDE® Econo-Spray Rust Preventive quickly displaces moisture so you can spray damp metal without drying before spraying. Helps remove rust and is compatible with lubricating oil and greases. Protects up to three years under normal indoor storage conditions. 

• Blue tracing color 
• No chlorinated solvents 
• Provides 3-year protection indoors 
• Neutralizes fingerprints 
• Self-healing 
• Does not have to be removed before using molding dies 
• Harmless blue color indicates coverage 

No. 45510 aerosol (Net Wt. 10 oz.)
No. 45501B 1-gallon 
No. 45505B 5-gallon

HELPFUL HINT: Corrosion Control: Your guide to the best mold care.

Econo-Spray Rust Preventive No. 45510
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