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The Ionix Static Eliminator requires no electricity or maintenance. Simply install the unit in the blowoff air line and it works automatically. Contains no hazardous or nuclear materials. When exhausted, the Ionix can be disposed in normal waste and recycled with plastics. All models made for 3/8" ID air hose. Kit includes cartridge, 25 ft hose, air gun and hose clamps. Each hose end has 1/4" NPT for quick connect. Ionix Model PL300 for applications up to 50 psi/3.5 bar, and Model HPPL300 for applications up to 150 psi/10.5 bar.


  • Automatic operation is reliable and safe
  • Easily Installs in less than ten minutes
  • Unconditionally guaranteed for 30 days
  • Sold in standard and high pressure models

Replacement Cartridges are sold separately for both Ionix Kits, or for use in your own 3/8" ID blow off air hose. Cartridge can be used in 3/8" air lines in automated equipment.

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