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Kuri-Clamp™ "Constant Tension" Worm Gear Clamps

Kuri-Clamp™ "Constant Tension" Worm Gear Clamps used in aircraft and industrial applications.



  • Air Intake and Coolant Connections
  • Systems where clamps cannot be retightened
  • Systems with expnsion or contraction


  • 5/8" wide, 300 series stainless steel band; plated carbon steel hex screw with 3/8" head; two-piece, 300 series stainless steel housing and ten Bellville spring washers


  • "Constant Tension" Performance with Belleville spring mechanism permits clamps to automatically increase or decrease diameter due to operational or environmental temperature changes
  • Extended Inner Liner protects silicone and other soft hoses from damage, extrusion or shear
  • Quadra-Lock Housing Design with added saddle to eliminate risk of seam separation and virutally eliminating housing "lift and twist"
  • Evenly Distributed Radial Pressure quality controlled to military standard specifications eliminates leakage caused by uneven housings and provides higher sealing pressure with lower applied torque
  • Arched, Perforated Slots provides more overall steel between perforations for added band strength and allows for smoother engagement
  • Heavy Duty 300 Series Stainless Steel Band provides durability and superior corrosion resistance, and wider than standard clamps for greater strength
  • Hex screws with sharply defined hex angles for better gripping power and more threads per screw results in increased torque strength
  • Meets Industry Standards for SAE J1508 Type SLDH and RoHS compliant
  • Torque installation rating of 90 inch pounds

Kuri-Clamp Constant Tension
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