Light Duty Mold Releases


SLIDE® Light Duty Mold Releases

Looking for a little more economy in a mold release? Check out SLIDE'S light-duty releases. They’ll make your basic release applications more productive, and more economical.


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Economist newcap circle

A light-duty mold release. NSF M1 designated Food Grade Lubricant. Approved for food machinery(++). Economist is non-staining and odorless. Recognized by UL.

Paintablemoldrelease newcap circle

A light-duty, paintable mold release agent permits post-production part decoration. Paint over it. Plate over it. Hot-stamp over it. Recognized by UL.

Lmr newcap circle

A light-duty, non-silicone, paintable, natural, light-duty mold release agent. FDA Approved Lubricant and a direct food additive(+). Biodegradable & odorless.


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