Limit Switches


SMARTFLOW® Mold Protective Limit Switches 

SMARTFLOW® Limit Switches are the benchmark switches in the injection molding industry. Molders rely on them to provide dependable position indication and protection for valuable injection molds. These products provide cost effective and reliable solutions by verifying ejector plate return and preventing premature movement of machine components.

Globalthinswitch circle

SMARTFLOW® Global Liquid Resistant Thinswitch (3mm/4mm height) for use with european standard molds

Thinswitch circle

SMARTFLOW® Thinswitch® Limit Switch verifies ejector plate return before closing the mold.

Thinswitchliquid circle

SMARTFLOW® Thinswitch® Liquid Resistant Limit Switch verifies ejector plate return before closing the mold for areas where water or oil spray is present.

Versaswitch circle

SMARTFLOW® Versaswitch™ Limit Switch installs into an injection mold to indicate location of the core, preventing tool damage.

Smartlock circle

SMARTFLOW® Smartlock® Slide Retainer and Limit Switch provide switching and slide retaining in one package.


Limit Switches

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