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Magnom™ Clear 5 and Clear 10 Magnetic Water Filters

Magnom™ Clear 5 and Clear 10 Water Filters extract abrasive ferrous particles from fluid systems - removing the major cause of wear, performance drop, system failure and product damage. The award winning design of the Magnom™ leads directly to enhanced performance and substantial bottom line benefits with rapid R.O.I. 


  • Reduces tool maintenance requirements 
  • Reduces hot spots 
  • Reduces pump, heater and chiller wear 
  • Maintains cycle times 
  • Improves system performance 
  • Reduces waste and disposal requirements 

The Magnom™ Clear 5 and Clear 10 are brass headed units that feature a clear bowl for easy condition monitoring. The unique design of the Magnom™ core technology enables the monitoring of contaminant build up even with opaque fluids. 

The temperature and pressure capability supports applications such as molding machines, machine tool coolant and wash systems. The Clear 5 is also available with stainless steel plates making it ideal for more aqueous applications. Identical in specification to the Clear 5, the Clear 10 has an increased core and bowl length suitable for applications with a higher level of contaminant.

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