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 SLIDE® PC Polish Cleaner No. 43310

Use SLIDE® PC Polish Cleaner on all metal molds to remove stains and discoloration.  Formulated to be used on cold or warm injection molds, SLIDE® Polish Cleaner leaves a non-transferring, micron-thin film that reduces mold wear.  Regular use of SLIDE® PC Polish Cleaner reduces the need for all types of internal and external release agents. 

• Also known as “Old Yellow” 
• Removes stains and mold deposits 
• Conditions your mold for faster startups and improved release properties 
• Protects as it cleans 
• Particle size <5 microns

  • No. 43310 10-oz bottle (case of 12)
  • No. 43310-SNGL single 10-oz bottle


Slide 43310 PC Polish Cleaner
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