Specialty Mold Releases

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Investmentwax newcap circle

NEW No chlorinated solvents. Investment Wax Casting Release allows you to consistently remove the most intricate wax patterns. One application provides multiple releases leaves parts with a superior surface finish.

Dryfilmlube newcap circle

Mold release agent formulated for deep draw molds. More durable bonded formulation. Excellent for most rubber, thermoplastics, phenolic & urethane. Contains PTFE.

Electronicmoldrelease newcap circle

Paintable non-silicone mold release formulated specifically for plastic electronic parts.

Hdmr pinlube newcap circle

Non-silicone paintable food approved lubricant ideal for ejector pins in the forward position.

Hitemp1800 newcap circle

Contains boron nitride for molding at temperatures up to 1800°F. Excellent for die-casting metals.

Knockout newcap circle

A non-silicone, paintable mold release for thermoplastic and rubber compounds. Approved for indirect food contact.

Moldsaver newcap circle

A non-silicone, paintable mold release agent that neutralizes corrosive vapors. Prevents deposit build-up.

Pureeze newcap circle

A non-silicone, paintable, all-purpose mold release agent. Neutral white-oil-based release contains no lecithins. USDA rated H1. Recognized by UL.

Watersoluble newcap circle

A non-silicone, paintable mold release agent. Permits ultrasonic welding of parts. No removal necessary, simply wash parts in H2O. Does not contain water.

Zincstearate newcap circle

A non-silicone, paintable mold release agent. Lubricant powder. For polycarbonates, polypropylenes, polysulfones and rubber molding.


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