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SLIDE® Super Grease Lubricants No. 43911,43900

SLIDE® Super Grease will not separate, run or fall out and has exceptional load-bearing properties. Thixotropic properties provide excellent mechanical stability when sudden temperature changes occur. A clear, clean, non-yellowing grease, SLIDE® Super Grease is ideal for injection molds, mold assemblies, and especially medical and food grade plastic parts. Also repels water and prevents corrosion. Operating Temperature: -45°F to +650°F* (intermittent)

• No chlorinated solvents 
• NSF Category H-1†† (download NSF approval letter
• NLGI #2 high temperature range grease 
• Food-approved active ingredients  
• Colorless & odorless, excellent dielectric strength 
• Contains PTFE, no silicones 
• Will not bleed out; paintable

†Rating applies to aerosol formulation only. USDA H1 rating: For use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. ††NSF-H1 for non-aerosol formulations. 

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