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TracerVM Flowmeter

Designed for use in industrial water applications such as injection mold cooling or filter and pump monitoring

The TracerVM Flowmeter is a non-display sensor that provides a 0.5 to 3.5 Volt output for process temperature and flow rate. Flow sensor technology is highly accurate and repeatable vortex shedding behind a bluff body. Flow reading is direction specific. Connection to the process is made using standard pipe threads in NPT from 3/8" through 1-1/2". Flow body materials are corrosion-resistant glass-filled nylon (3/8" and 1/2" body sizes), aluminum or stainless steel (3/4" - 1-1/2" body sizes). 


  • No moving parts for reliable operation
  • Flow and temperature sensors in one unit for compact installation
  • Quick temperature response from direct media contact
  • Economical and versatile construction with corrosion-resistant materials
  • Flow ranges in LPM or GPM

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