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UniVest® Droolshield®

If you are a customer looking for the solution to “drool” or blow back plastic challenges with your machines, look no further. We have the solution to meet your needs.

It’s DroolShield® — a product specifically designed for the plastics industry. DroolShield® protects heater bands, wiring and insulation from the expensive and damaging effects of drool blowback. This product can be adjusted to fit any machine size and installs within seconds — with no downtime or equipment modification necessary.

DroolShield® is a PTFE-coated, aircraft aluminum disc (clean-room suitable) that withstands temperatures up to 700ºF (370ºC). That makes this product a three-fold blowback solution for you — reusable, long-term and affordable.


UniVest® DroolShield® have 3 standard hub diameters of 1-2 in., 2-3 in. and 3-4 in. and 3 standard shield diameters of 6 in., 8 in. and 10 in.


 How to measure for and select the right size UniVest® Droolshield®


Click here and follow the simple instructions on how to measure and determine which UniVest® DroolShield® is right for you.  

DroolShield® can be adjusted to fit any machine and installed within seconds-with no downtime or equipment modification necessary.

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