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SLIDE® Water Soluble Mold Release No. 41212N

SLIDE® Water Soluble Mold Release permits complete cleaning of molded parts.  In most cases, Water Soluble Mold Release does not need be removed prior to painting, hot-stamping or plating.  Testing is recommended.  Antistatic properties reduce dirt pick-up on molded parts. 

  • No chlorinated solvents 
  • Paintable, non-silicone mold release
  • Permits ultrasonic welding of parts 
  • Simply wash parts in water to clean 
  • Does not contain water 
  • Offers anti-static properties to the molded part
  • Maximum operating temperature:  450°F 

No. 41212N aerosol (Net Wt. 12 oz.)

Slide 41212N Water Soluble Mold Release
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