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Plastic modular conveyor systems of tomorrow, available today . . . 

For over 20 years, Dynamic Conveyor Corporation has been a source of innovative custom conveyor systems for industry - including the plastic injection molding industry. Our premise was a simple one: provide a custom lightweight, modular alternative to traditional conveyor systems that required custom fabrication and that could not be modified without great expense.  Our answer is a plastic reconfigurable custom conveyor that allows for flexibility and sustainability at standard conveyor prices.  Download Product Line Brochure



Reconfigurable Conveyors  

Raising ROI with Reconfigurable Conveyor Systems . . . With Reconfigurable Conveyor Technology you can assume any position again and again and again.

Ideal for operations with frequent layout changes or those who need to quickly change material handling conveyor process lines

  • Plastic conveyor modules connect and reconnect to form extendable conveyor systems of varying length and profiles, for large and small conveyors  
  • Conveyor modules can be reconfigured, like building blocks or Legos®, allowing for true sustainability of conveying equipment
  • Quick reconfiguration of lightweight plastic conveyor modules allows for system flexibility
  • Extendable conveyor configurations can include inclines, declines and 45, 90 or 180 degree lateral turns
  • The right energy efficient 1/30, 1/8, 1/4 or 1HP motors are specified for each application
  • Choose from a variety of plastic link style belting, powered rollers or gravity rollers
  • DynaCon's modularity for both large and small conveyors eliminate “conveyor boneyards” 
  • Save money – buy only the modules needed to meet changing production requirements -- get custom conveyor systems at standard material handling conveyor prices 
  • Components and parts can be shipped out same day


Modular Conveyors

Custom modular conveyor systems . . . Put together quickly and easily with common components.

  • Utilize plastic conveyor modules to design and build the ideal custom conveyor system, whether it's a simple incline conveyor or multiple material handling stations.
  • Light-weight plastic modules easily reconfigure to meet changing needs 
  • Modular conveyors are constructed from lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate
  • Conveyor modules connect to form conveyor systems of varying length and profiles
  • Custom configurations make it possible to create an overhead or  incline conveyor in minutes, with lightweight modules for inclines, declines, and 45, 90 or 180 degree radius turns
  • Eco-friendly energy efficient 1/30, 1/8 or 1/4 HP motors are maintenance free
  • Internally or externally mounted eco-friendly energy efficient motors 
  • Modular conveyor systems are easy to maintain: No oil or lubrication required
  • Choose from a variety of plastic link style belting, powered rollers or gravity rollers
  • Modular conveyors offer customization at standard conveyor prices


Custom Conveyors

Custom conveyor systems from common components and accessories . . . Designed to meet individual needs.

  • Plastic conveyor modules are constructed of lightweight, high impact polycarbonate 
  • Conveyor modules connect to form custom conveyor systems of varying length and profiles
  • Combine conveyor modules for custom conveyor systems
  • Configurations can include horizontal, multiple angle or 45, 90 or 180 degree radius turns, as well as overhead conveyor configurations
  • Configure conveyor system modules for ascending and/or descending angles 
  • Connector units allow angles such as 30°,45° and 90° for conveyor configurations
  • Choose from a variety of plastic link style belting, powered rollers or gravity rollers
  • Optional motor and control packages are available 
  • Several accessories and options are available and easy to add to new or existing DynaCon custom modular plastic conveyors
  • Modular conveyors give you custom conveyors at standard conveyor prices
  • DynaCon modular  plastic conveyors are maintenance free


Sustainable Conveyors

Reduce, Reconfigure and Reuse . . . DynaCon Modular Conveyors offer an opportunity to save energy, materials, space, time and money.

DynaCon Modular Conveyors offer a sustainable and eco-friendly conveying solution by reducing, reconfiguring and reusing.

  • Custom conveyors that meet every need by allowing configuration and reconfiguration by removing, inserting or exchanging modules. 
  • Conveyor modules are available in lengths as short as 6" allowing for incremental changes when time to reconfigure.  
  • Manufactured of impact-resistant polycarbonate panels that are durable, but can be replaced easily if damage is done.  There is no need to scrap the entire conveyor -- just the broken pieces. 
  • Plastic link style belting that never needs to be entirely replaced, even if damage is done.  
  • Based on each application, the DynaCon plastic belt conveyors utilize the most energy efficient motors, which range from 1/30 HP to 1 HP, and cost just pennies a day to operate.  Lowering the kilowatts used not only saves money, but reduces carbon emissions during the making of electricity.  Savings can be seen with electric power consumption all day long, year after year. 


Portable Conveyors

Portable, Modular and Adjustable . . . Flat, Radius Turn, Overhead, Z-Style and Incline Conveyor Systems

Lightweight portable conveyors, including our flat, radius turn, overhead, Z-style, and incline conveyors, can include casters for easy movement on the floor or be easily suspended from the ceiling.

  • A portable conveyor solution is achieved with lightweight, high impact plastic modules
  • Modularity allows easy combinations or conversions to create standard flat conveyor, incline conveyor, radius turn and overhead conveyor options
  • Adjustable leg sets allow for changes in conveyor height
  • Caster-base wheels provide conveyor portability and lock securely for stable operation 
  • Plastic portable conveyors can be handled easily with no physical risk
  • Lightweight enough to easily suspend from the ceiling for an overhead conveyor option
  • No maintenance needed after installation, resulting in maintenance free conveyor systems

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