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About SAS Automation

Welcome to SAS Automation. We design, build, and service End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) for all makes and models of robots. We also supply modular component-based EOAT and gripper systems. We are experts in end-effector gripper systems across a number of manufacturing and distribution industries, including automotive, palletizing, food, and plastics.

At SAS, we are committed to helping our clients achieve maximum efficiency through automation. We strive to make innovation our hallmark for precision engineered gripper solutions.



 End-Of-Arm Tooling For Plastic Applications  

SAS Automation has deep experience and expertise in plastics. For the automotive and other industries, SAS has developed and patented processes for insert molding and in-mold labeling (IML) that greatly decrease labor costs while producing a better part.

Specific to IML, SAS customers realize distinct advantages such as automated and accurate label placement, reduced waste, and making the label a part of the finished product rather than relying on adhesives.

Our patented Insert Mold System can be applied to other parts as well – including metal, cloth and vinyl. Another significant feature of SAS IML tooling are docking pins, which provide assurance of accuracy for complex and low tolerance applications. This accommodates the need for performing several processes simultaneously.


End-Of-Arm Tooling For Food Applications  

Depanners for fresh baked goods, both Needle and Vacuum styles, are designed to handle fragile products right from the baking pan. In addition to depanning, our tools can also compress the spacing of the product and place it on conveyors or in trays, tubs or clamshell containers. Downstream operations for case packing and palletizing can be accomplished with the wide range of palletizing tools.


End-Of-Arm Tooling For Automotive Applications  

SAS Automation has been serving the automotive industry since we began more than 17 years ago. Our deep experience allows us to solve problems and develop innovative solutions across a wide variety of challenges you face in manufacturing, shipping, and assembling automotive parts.

Some of the challenges automotive manufacturers face includes manipulating, finishing, packing or palletizing heavy metal or bulky plastic parts. Our modular system offers the widest array of interchangeable components. We also provide magnetic, vacuum and finger grippers for these demanding applications. For instance, we understand and address the special care needed when handling Class A surface parts. SAS provides non-marking acetal gripper fingers mounted on the EOAT to avoid any surface marking.

Utilizing our flexible system provides you the ability to perform multiple tasks with just one gripper.


End-Of-Arm Tooling Components

We've built an innovative system of component parts for both stock and custom tooling needs. Our products are organized into four main sections.

  • WRIST – components associated with connecting to your robot
  • HAND – components associated with all framework of the tool
  • FINGERS – components associated with all aspects of material handling and gripping
  • MUSCLES – components and systems associated articulation and movement such as pneumatics

Beyond these main categories we also provide related shop tools such as cutters and degaters, workstations and other automation equipment.


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