Barb-Tech™ Push-Lock Tool Carrying and Storage Cases

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Organize your Barb-Tech™ push-lock tools, mandrels, fittings and more with these convenient, sturdy carrying cases.


  • Invidual compartments to hold and organize push-lock tool, mandrels, fittings and more
  • Secure closure to keep everything firmly contained within case
  • Durable, sturdy, strong hard plastic construction
  • Transparent cover to easily view contents inside
    • Carrying Cases:
      • Barb-Tech™ IIc Carrying Case (Item# 20-1001-00)
      • Barb-Tech™ III Carrying Case (Item# 20-1003-00)
      • Barb-Tech™ Poly-Lock Carrying Case (Item# 20-1005-00)
      • Barb-Tech™ PDQ Carrying Case (Item# 20-1003-01)

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Carrying Case

Barb-Tech™ IIc Carrying Case
Barb-Tech™ III Carrying Case
Barb-Tech™ Poly-Lock Carrying Case
Barb-Tech™ PDQ Carrying Case

SKU 20-1001-00
SKU 20-1003-00
SKU 20-1005-00
SKU 20-1003-01

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