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SLIDE® Econo-Spray® 3 Mold Release No. 40810P

SLIDE® Econo-Spray® 3 Mold Release contains a highly effective non-silicone release in a non-chlorinated solvent carrier system.  Econo-Spray® 3 highly paintable, and will permit ultra-sonic welding of molded parts.  Affords excellent release of all thermoplastics. 

  • No chlorinated solvents 
  • Non-silicone paintable 
  • Food-approved lubricant****
  • Maximum operating temperature:  600°F  

(****) FDA regulation 21 CFR section 182.20; 21 CFR section 182.60; 21 CFR section 172.515

Slide 40810P Econo-Spray 3 Mold Release
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