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Hot Runner Cables, Interface Boxes & Connectors: Standardize, Upgrade or Repair Your Hot Runner Cables & Connectors

Contact us for special cable and junction box requirements, we can help with cable adapters, Y cables and complete cable sets for connecting different hot runner controllers and manifold systems.

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Slide Mold Release, Mold Cleaner, Rust Preventatives, Grease, Lubricants & Purging Compounds

Injection Molding and Mold makers rely on Slide Products for fast cleaning, rust protection and the reliably smooth processing that comes with having the right formulation for the job. Specifically designed to save you time and maximize performance, our products work just as well on your bottom line – with cost-effective pricing that compounds the efficiency.

We also have a variety of NSF-certified products that are Food-Grade and recommended for molds used for manufacturing parts for food and Medical Applications.

See our Helpful Tips page for application information on the many types of products Slide produces.

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