SLIDE® Mold Cleaner Wipes No. 46370

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SLIDE Mold Cleaner Wipes No. 46370

SLIDE® Mold Cleaner Wipes are fast, convenient, pre-saturated sheets that quickly clean almost any surface. *Use SLIDE Mold Cleaner Wipes for preparing injection molds for production or storage, touching-up cleaning during production, surface preparation prior to secondary operations, general maintenance and all-purpose cleaning.

*Pre-test on non-metal surfaces.

  • No chlorinated solvents
  • Pre-saturated cleaning towels
  • Quickly removes mold release, grease, oil and more
  • Replaces hazardous cleaning solutions
  • Mold cleaning option for clean room environments

HELPFUL TIP: Maintaining Molds Used in Medical Applications

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Box of 50 single-wipe packets [46301]
Case of 6 canisters (70 wipes/canister) [46370]
Single canister (70 wipes) [46370-SNGL]
1 gallon solvent [46301B]
5 gallon solvent [45305B]
55 gallon solvent [46355B]

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