Standard & Custom Mold Chutes

IPS Standard & Custom Mold Chutes

Quick Set-Up, Removal, Increase Product Yield

Mold Chutes are an ideal solution to prevent parts from scattering randomly in the “drop zone”. Mold Chutes ensure your parts land on the conveyor or in the packing case – not on the floor – reducing waste and increasing profits.

Made of a durable polyester reinforced material with an internal polyester screen mesh and a flexible polypropylene white slide bottom, mold chutes are easily attached and removed from the molding machine using magnets and Velcro straps. Mold Chutes are reliably sturdy, yet gentle enough to protect even the most delicate parts. The Mold Chute’s unique construction and material composition enable it to repel oil and grease, and is abrasion, puncture and tear resistant. Mold Chutes are easily cleaned and there are no folds to trap dirt or parts.

Right Angle Mold Chutes (RMC) have a side exit delivery and can move with the mold. In-Line Mold Chutes (IMC) have a side exit delivery, but are fixed and do not move with the mold.

Soft Drop Mold Chutes (SDMC) have a unique design that allow for delicate parts to fall gently through the mold chute and slowly transfer to the conveyor or packing case. Soft Drop Mold Chutes are available as Right Angle (SDRMC) or In-Line (SDIMC), both fixed and do not move with the mold.

Mold chutes are available in standard and custom sizes, and available in food grade material, upon request. Straight or Tapered Mold Skirts are available when a chute is not required. All hardware is included. For a complete part containment solution use with: Moldshields™


  • Protects delicate parts and reduces waste
  • Keeps parts from scattering
  • Abrasion, puncture and tear resistant
  • Repels oil and dirt, and easily cleaned
  • Maximum operating temperature of 230°F
  • Available in Right Angle (moveable with mold), In-Line (fixed), Soft Drop Right Angle (moveable with mold) and Soft Drop In-Line (fixed)
  • Available in Standard and Custom sizes
  • Available in Food Grade material, upon request

All Mold Chutes are made to order.

Please choose from the Standard Mold Chutes or complete one of the Custom Mold Chute Request Forms below.  Email your completed Custom Request For  to