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Stop Contamination, Increase Productivity & Prevent Lost Parts

Moldshields™ help you reclaim your parts that, without Moldshields, are lost or damaged once ejected and bounce out of the molding machine.  Moldshields prevent parts from scattering randomly within the mold’s open space and keeps them within the desired “drop zone”,  increasing product yield and producing a fast ROI.

Moldshields are durable, crystal clear plastic side curtains that attach to either side of the mold using a convenient, high-strength, magnetic mounting system.  As the mold opens and closes, the Moldshields unwind and recoils itself with each press cycle, providing a “shield” that prevents molded parts from falling outside of the desired area.

The crystal clear construction allows you to observe the molding area and monitor parts in production. Moldshields are easily attached and removed with minimal assembly of included hardware.  They can be quickly moved from press to press to meet changing production demands, or simply  removed in seconds for equipment maintenance.  With and in-service life expectancy of 3 million cycles, Moldshields provide a rapid payback based on scrap reduction and increased good output.

Use with Mold Chutes or Mold Skirts for a complete part containment solution.


  • In-service life expectancy of 3 million cycles
  • Rapid ROI
  • Reduces scrap and increases good output
  • Eliminates contamination
  • Increases product yield
  • Magnetic mounting system for easy installation and removal
  • Movable to other presses or permanently mounted to mold
  • Crystal clear plastic allows monitoring of parts in production
  • Sizes range from 12″ to 24″ (30.5 to 61 centimeters) high with 24″ open width on all sizes
  • All sizes in stock for quick delivery
  • Maximum operating temperature 250° F (121° C)
  • Each Moldshield kit contains two side curtains, mounting hardware and magnets
  • Additional hardware is also available in the drop-down menu above – Part# MS-Hardware

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Video Overview: See Moldshields in Action

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Mounting Hardware Kit (8 Magnets with screws and spacers)

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