X-FLOW Multi-Circuit Flow Validator

The Plastixs X-FLOW Multi-Circuit Flow Validator makes validating and troubleshooting mold flow rate and temperature per circuit quick and easy.  The X-FLOW validates up to 8 or 16 circuits simultaneously, and includes a 110-120-volt power supply and portable cart, so using it with multiple machines on a production floor is very convenient.  The X-FLOW also includes a USB, Bluetooth and network connection capabilities for transferring data to the to a Bluetooth device, a USB data card or your network.

Each group of 8 zones is built around a SMARTFLOW SMARTLINK Tracer VM Interface that is fully wired and configured for immediate use.  The 16-zone configuration has two of the Smartflow Smartlink interfaces installed on the cart. The second interface and flow meters can be added at any time.

The Plastixs X-FLOW Multi-Circuit Flow Validator help monitors your critical injection molding processes at machine startup and also for troubleshooting cooling-related issues.  X-FLOW provides a baseline of mold performance and indicates when waterline maintenance is needed.  Streamline your production floor and maximize your uptime with the new X-Flow Multi-Circuit Flow Validator from Plastixs.

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