Plastixs X-PURE Water Supply System


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Plastixs X-PURE Water Supply System

Eliminate Contaminants & The Damage They Cause

Plant water used in plastic injection molding facilities can be full of contaminants, including minerals (primarily scale causing calcium). As temperatures and pressure increase in the new generation of high-temperature water circulation units, these contaminants are forced out of the water and “plate out” on molds and machinery. This causes damage and decreases heat transfer, emphasizing the need for these units to operate with clean, distilled water treated for high-temperature operation.

What Is X-PURE?

Plastixs® developed the X-PURE Water Supply System as a compact and cost-effective solution for eliminating these contaminants by supplying clean, distilled water for use in high-temperature water units. When used as recommended, X-PURE is 100% effective in preventing contaminants from damaging expensive molds and machinery that operate with water at 300° F – 450° F.

Water Issues & Contaminants Eliminated by X-PURE:

Tower Systems

  • Variable water quality
  • Make-up water that brings higher concentration of minerals
  • Water treatment for anti-corrosion and biocides that have a maximum operating temperature of 280° F

Chiller Systems

  • High concentration of dissolved solids
  • Glycol thickens and degrades above its maximum operating temperature of 300° F

Tap Water

  • Untreated for equipment protection
  • High concentration of dissolved solids

X-PURE Water Supply System, HiTemp, Consists of:

  • 10-gallon (max capacity) stainless steel tank with supply pump and connection hoses.
  • Pump automatically controlled with an integrated pressure switch to provide pressure required for water unit to start up and run.
  • Automatic low water shutdown at 1-1/2 gallons. Indicator lights displays low (1-1/2 gal.) and high (7-1/2 gal.) water levels.
  • 8-foot connection hoses provided with #8 JIC swivels on the supply hose and #6 JIC swivels on the return hose.
  • Tank mounted on a cart with locking casters.
  • UL Certified Control Panel
  • Overall dimensions per Drawing: PLX-X-PURE

Sold Separately: Optional Dual-Feed Hose Kit for X-PURE System

  • Hose kit to allow an X-PURE Water Supply System to service two thermolators. The kit consists of:
    • JIC tee-run fittings for the supply and return connections on the X-PURE tank.
    • 8-foot supply connection hose (blue) with #8 JIC swivels on each end.
    • 8-foot return connection hose (red) with #6 JIC swivels on each end.

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X-PURE Water Supply System
Optional Dual-Feed Hose Kit for X-PURE System


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