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Take the PUSH out of Push-Lock!  Effortless, Safe and High Quality Products

Plastixs carries BarbTech™ Push-Lock Assembly Tools for push-lock hose and provides a quick, safe, effortless method for push-lock hose assembly used in molding, robotics, pneumatics and multi-purpose industrial applications.

The Barb-Tech™ PQD tool securely anchors the Quick Disconnect (QD) fitting on one side of the tool, while gripping the push-lock hose on the other side and, with a few simple squeezes of the comfort trigger, it pushes the fitting into the hose, in seconds, with ease and precision.

The PQD tool is a portable, lightweight solution for push-lock hose assembly, allowing technicians to carry it with them wherever they go and have it readily available at the job site.

The tool is designed to work with Push-Lock style hoses (Push-Lock Hoses) and fittings with quick disconnects from 1/4″ to 1/2″ inside diameter (ID) (Quick Connect Mold Fittings). The Barb-Tech™ PQD Push-Lock tool is sold as a kit with a carrying case and (3) straight and (3) 90° elbow mandrels for 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ ID hose sizes, with optional mandrels, mandrel assemblies and jaw set available separately.

Stop fighting Push-Lock hose assembly and start using the portable Barb-Tech™ PQD Push-Lock Assembly Tool.

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