Barb-Tech™ PQD 200, 300, and 500 Series Straight Quick Disconnect Mandrels

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Struggling with a way to hold the fitting stable while installing Push-Lok hose? The PQD mandrels are designed to hold 200 Series (1/4″), 300 Series (3/8″), and 500 Series (1/2″) straight Quick Disconnect fittings and are compatible with Custom Mold and Parker Moldmate style fittings. These mandrels click onto the the Barb-Tech™ PQD-CM and PQD-PM Hose Assembly Tools to hold your Quick Disconnect fittings for quick, easy, effortless Push-Lock hose assembly.


    • The mandrels utilize the same Barb-Tech™ quick change & “Click-On” mandrel holding system
    • No additional tools or attachments required
    • Compatible with Custom Mold style and Parker Moldmate style Quick Disconnect fittings
    • Includes (1) Mandrel:
        • Item# 75-1020-00 mandrel to hold 200 Series (1/4″) Straight Quick Disconnect fittings
        • Item# 75-1022-00 mandrel to hold 300 Series (3/8″) Straight Quick Disconnect fittings
        • Item# 75-1024-00 mandrel to hold 500 Series (1/2″) Straight Quick Disconnect fittings

Fittings not included

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200 Series (1/4")
300 Series (3/8")
500 Series (1/2")

SKU 75-1020-00
SKU 75-1022-00
SKU 75-1024-00

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