Guide to Custom Manifold Assemblies

Key Highlights

Manifolds distribute fluids to various circuits connecting components within a system or within a machine. They are a key component in the removal of waste heat across various industries, such as plastics processing and other machinery, yet little thought is given to their layout or assembly. Our guide explains how to address the following common manifold challenges for best results:

  • System Design
  • Material Selection
  • Manifold Size
  • Connection Type
  • Circuit Isolation / Regulation
  • Fluid Monitoring
  • Manifold Layout
Custom Manifold Guide
With all the things to consider in manifold design, layout and assembly, it often makes sense to outsource these efforts. Plastixs prides itself as a trusted outsourcing partner that will guide you through the process of determining your needs and establishing the correct design parameters, such as:

  • Inlet and outlet sizes
  • Temperature and pressure specifications
  • Material selection
  • Sensor requirements
  • Connections based on flow and hardware required
  • System fluid compatibility

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