SMARTFLOW® Stainless Steel Single and Parallel Manifolds & Manifold Assemblies

Item #: 12SS-4-3-2-A-MAIN

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SMARTFLOW Conventional Stainless Steel Water Manifolds are excellent for high-flow applications where durability is important. Manifolds are not certified for use in potable water applications. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


  • Standard 1″ NPT(F) inlet/outlet with 3/8″ ports or 1/2″ ports
  • Standard 1.5″ NPT(F) inlet/outlet with 3/8″ ports or 1/2″ ports
  • Available as a Single Manifold or as a Parallel Pair
  • Temperature rating up to 250° F (121° C)
  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel construction
  • Leak tested before shipping
  • Brass end plugs included
  • Optional standard or mini brass ball valves
  • Custom configurations and assemblies available

See also Plastixs Integrated Solutions.

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Additional information

Weight Please select an option above.
Dimensions Please select an option above.
Inlet-Outlet Size


Number of Ports

4 Single
4 Parallel (8 total)
6 Single
6 Parallel (12 total)
8 Single
8 Parallel (16 total)
10 Single
10 Parallel (20 total)
12 Single
12 Parallel (24 total)
16 Single
16 Parallel (32 total)

Port Size


Valve Type

Brass Ball Valves
Mini Brass Ball Valves

SKU 12SS-4-3-2-A
SKU 8SS-4-3-2-A
SKU 8SS-6-3-2-A
SKU 8SS-8-3-2-A
SKU 8SS-10-3-2-A
SKU 8SS-12-3-2-A
SKU 8SS-16-3-2-A
SKU 8SS-4-3-2-B
SKU 8SS-6-3-2-B
SKU 8SS-8-3-2-B
SKU 8SS-10-3-2-B
SKU 8SS-12-3-2-B
SKU 8SS-16-3-2-B
SKU 8SS-4-3-2-MB
SKU 8SS-6-3-2-MB
SKU 8SS-8-3-2-MB
SKU 8SS-10-3-2-MB
SKU 8SS-12-3-2-MB
SKU 8SS-16-3-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-8-3-2-A
SKU 8PSS-12-3-2-A
SKU 8PSS-16-3-2-A
SKU 8PSS-20-3-2-A
SKU 8PSS-24-3-2-A
SKU 8PSS-32-3-2-A
SKU 8PSS-8-3-2-B
SKU 8PSS-12-3-2-B
SKU 8PSS-16-3-2-B
SKU 8PSS-20-3-2-B
SKU 8PSS-24-3-2-B
SKU 8PSS-32-3-2-B
SKU 8PSS-8-3-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-12-3-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-16-3-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-20-3-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-24-3-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-32-3-2-MB
SKU 8SS-4-4-2-A
SKU 8SS-6-4-2-A
SKU 8SS-8-4-2-A
SKU 8SS-10-4-2-A
SKU 8SS-12-4-2-A
SKU 8SS-16-4-2-A
SKU 8SS-4-4-2-B
SKU 8SS-6-4-2-B
SKU 8SS-8-4-2-B
SKU 8SS-10-4-2-B
SKU 8SS-12-4-2-B
SKU 8SS-16-4-2-B
SKU 8SS-4-4-2-MB
SKU 8SS-6-4-2-MB
SKU 8SS-8-4-2-MB
SKU 8SS-10-4-2-MB
SKU 8SS-12-4-2-MB
SKU 8SS-16-4-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-8-4-2-A
SKU 8PSS-12-4-2-A
SKU 8PSS-16-4-2-A
SKU 8PSS-20-4-2-A
SKU 8PSS-24-4-2-A
SKU 8PSS-32-4-2-A
SKU 8PSS-8-4-2-B
SKU 8PSS-12-4-2-B
SKU 8PSS-16-4-2-B
SKU 8PSS-20-4-2-B
SKU 8PSS-24-4-2-B
SKU 8PSS-32-4-2-B
SKU 8PSS-8-4-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-12-4-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-16-4-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-20-4-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-24-4-2-MB
SKU 8PSS-32-4-2-MB
SKU 12SS-6-3-2-A
SKU 12SS-8-3-2-A
SKU 12SS-10-3-2-A
SKU 12SS-12-3-2-A
SKU 12SS-16-3-2-A
SKU 12SS-4-3-2-B
SKU 12SS-6-3-2-B
SKU 12SS-8-3-2-B
SKU 12SS-10-3-2-B
SKU 12SS-12-3-2-B
SKU 12SS-16-3-2-B
SKU 12SS-4-3-2-MB
SKU 12SS-6-3-2-MB
SKU 12SS-8-3-2-MB
SKU 12SS-10-3-2-MB
SKU 12SS-12-3-2-MB
SKU 12SS-16-3-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-8-3-2-A
SKU 12PSS-12-3-2-A
SKU 12PSS-16-3-2-A
SKU 12PSS-20-3-2-A
SKU 12PSS-24-3-2-A
SKU 12PSS-32-3-2-A
SKU 12PSS-8-3-2-B
SKU 12PSS-12-3-2-B
SKU 12PSS-16-3-2-B
SKU 12PSS-20-3-2-B
SKU 12PSS-24-3-2-B
SKU 12PSS-32-3-2-B
SKU 12PSS-8-3-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-12-3-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-16-3-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-20-3-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-24-3-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-32-3-2-MB
SKU 12SS-4-4-2-A
SKU 12SS-6-4-2-A
SKU 12SS-8-4-2-A
SKU 12SS-10-4-2-A
SKU 12SS-12-4-2-A
SKU 12SS-16-4-2-A
SKU 12SS-4-4-2-B
SKU 12SS-6-4-2-B
SKU 12SS-8-4-2-B
SKU 12SS-10-4-2-B
SKU 12SS-12-4-2-B
SKU 12SS-16-4-2-B
SKU 12SS-4-4-2-MB
SKU 12SS-6-4-2-MB
SKU 12SS-8-4-2-MB
SKU 12SS-10-4-2-MB
SKU 12SS-12-4-2-MB
SKU 12SS-16-4-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-8-4-2-A
SKU 12PSS-12-4-2-A
SKU 12PSS-16-4-2-A
SKU 12PSS-20-4-2-A
SKU 12PSS-24-4-2-A
SKU 12PSS-32-4-2-A
SKU 12PSS-8-4-2-B
SKU 12PSS-12-4-2-B
SKU 12PSS-16-4-2-B
SKU 12PSS-20-4-2-B
SKU 12PSS-24-4-2-B
SKU 12PSS-32-4-2-B
SKU 12PSS-8-4-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-12-4-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-16-4-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-20-4-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-24-4-2-MB
SKU 12PSS-32-4-2-MB

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