Plastixs Custom Manifold Assemblies & Bases

Industrial OEMs and plastic processors rely on Plastixs to provide custom, turnkey water manifolds that ensure optimal cooling and fast time-to-market.

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From initial inquiry and quotation through order fulfillment and support, Plastixs® serves each and every customer as a valued partner. With a specialty in plastics processing, we offer a wide range of auxiliary products serving a number of industries including plastics, semi-conductor, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food. We integrate many of these quality products into critical service components that provide fast ROI.

Custom Integrated Solutions

Plastixs® has delivered custom built manifold assemblies into a variety of industries and we value the opportunity to learn more about yours. We apply our engineering and manufacturing expertise to deliver turn-key fluid distribution solutions to our customers. Additionally, we offer a wide range of hose assemblies and fittings that can meet your most demanding industrial applications. 

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All of our manifold assemblies are designed and built to your specifications, expertly assembled using only the highest quality components, including;

  • SMARTFLOW® Aluminum Water Manifolds . . . more
  • SMARTFLOW® Stainless Steel Water Manifolds . . . more
  • SMARTFLOW® Stainless Steel Water Manifolds with Low Profile Ports . . . more
  • SMARTFLOW® Duoflow Water Manifolds . . . more
  • Nylon Manifolds . . . more
  • SMARTFLOW® Flowmeters . . . more
  • SMARTFLOW® Flow Regulators . . . more
  • Quick Connect Couplers . . . more
  • Quick Connect Security Couplers . . . more
  • Quick Connect Plugs . . . more
  • Brass Shut-Off Valves . . . more
  • HiTemp™ EPDM 'Superflex' Rubber Water Hoses . . . more

Engineering Support

Plastixs® can provide engineering support to help you meet some of your toughest challenges. We bring unique solutions and methodologies supporting your plant staff on new applications as well as streamlining your current production operations.

Our Services Include:

  • Design & Drawing Capabilities
  • Application Specific Design
  • Sourcing of Materials
  • Production Capabilities
  • Special Shipping Requirements

"The Plastixs difference is that they bring their technical knowledge and engineering expertise to each individual application."
Procurement Manager
Global Semiconductor Manager

"We have a long and successful relationship with Plastixs. They consistently provide excellent service and support for a wide range of unique products. Plastixs has become an essential part of our team."
Molding Manager
World leader in consumer packaging

"In my 30-plus years in the plastics industry; using, buying and even manufacturing manifolds in house, this is by far the best set of manifolds we have ever seen. The Plastixs line of manifolds will be the only manifold we will ever use. We will recommend them to our vendors and customers alike."
General Manager (GM)
Manufacturer - Oil, Gas and Mining

"Thank you again for your outstanding customer service and assistance with getting us the right hoses to us so quickly...even though it was our error. If there is a "customer survey" that I can ever do for you let me know. Otherwise have a great day and please keep up the excellent work! "
Facilities Operations Specialist
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"I was touched by your kindness and generosity. We need more people like you and companies like Plastixs in this world!"
Food Services

"I want to express my satisfaction with the quick and courteous response that we received in the ordering of your product. I appreciate that we received tech support and this made us feel comfortable in the decision to go with your product. Great job, and thank you"
Operations Manager
Metal Construction Services

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