SLIDE® 478 Hi-Temp Purge Compound

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SLIDE Hi-Temp Purge Compound solves the major problems of removing stubborn residues between color or resin changes.


  • Operating temperatures of 485° F – 750° F (250° C – 395° C)
  • Safely clean screws and barrels
  • Ideal for resins such as PPS, PEEK, PET, LCP and PEI (Ultem™;)
  • Removes burned material, color hang-ups, resin deposits, black specks and softens and removes rust
  • Chemically reactive, non-abrasive purge
  • Virtually no odor or smoke
  • PET carrier resin
  • For use with injection molding
  • GRAS rated (food-grade) active ingredients safe for food packaging applications
  • Not recommended for cleaning hot runners

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HELPFUL TIP: True Story: How a molder turned hours into minutes by changing purge

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