SLIDE® 43401, 43432 P.D.Q. Liquid Purging Compound

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SLIDE® P.D.Q. Purging Compound is a no-soak, no-mess, easy-to-store purge solution. Removes all thermoplastics and is effective for resin-to-resin and color-to-color changes. The unique self-measuring bottle “meters” the right amount of concentrate. P.D.Q. Purging Compound is heat stable, non-flammable, non-toxic and almost odorless.


  • Concentrated liquid purging compound
  • Water-based additive (use with barrel temperature above 212° F)
  • Can be mixed with any carrier resin
  • Aids with resin-to-resin and color-to-color purges
  • Choose self-measuring bottle or pre-measured packets
  • Works with carrier resin to remove unwanted contamination from the barrel assembly

HELPFUL TIP: Cost per pound per purge

HELPFUL TIP: True Story: How a molder turned hours into minutes by changing purge

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1-oz Packets (box of 50) [43401]
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1-quart bottle (single) [43432-SNGL]

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