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Slide Econo-Spray Pin Lube & Grease No. 46010 

Slide Econo-Spray Pin Lube & Grease is a white lithium grease that protects equipment by reducing the friction and sticking that can cause premature wear and hinder productivity. Slide Econo-Spray Pin Lube & Grease is ideal for knock-out pins where part marking could be a problem. A heavy-duty grease, it is water resistant, protects against corrosion and works at a wide range of temperatures.

• No chlorinated solvents 
• Contains rust and oxidant inhibitors 
• NLGI Grade #2 grease 

Maximum Operating Temperature: 400°F 
No. 46010 aerosol (Net Wt. 10 oz.)
No. 46000-07 7 lbs. 
No. 46000-35 35 lbs. 

Econo-Spray Pin Lube & Grease No. 46010
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