Heavy Duty Mold Releases

SLIDE® Heavy Duty Mold Releases

For your toughest applications, where you need the most effective release to keep parts from sticking, try one of SLIDE'S heavy-duty releases. They’ll keep your production flowing. All are nonflammable aerosol formulations.


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Heavy Duty Group Circle Small
40112 silicone mold release circle

A heavy-duty, FDA approved mold release agent that provides faster molding & more production.  Approved for food machinery(++).  Heat-stable.  Non-toxic.  Recognized by UL.

42612h universal mold release circle

A heavy-duty, non-silicone, paintable mold release.  FDA approved lubricant.  Colorless.

42112n ssl mold release circle

Food approved silicone spray lube (SSL) is an ideal in-process general purpose lubricant.

54912 heavy duty 10  mold release circle

Non-silicone paintable food approved lubricant ideal for ejector pins in the forward position.

41412n polycarbonate mold release circle

A heavy-duty, paintable mold release agent.  Biodegradable and odorless.  No crazing or blemishing.  Recognized by UL.


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