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Single Jacket & Double Jacket "Contractor Grade" Hose

Single jacket (red stripe) or double jacket (blue stripe) hose with smooth natural rubber tubes and all synthetic yarn. These hoses have a water and mildew resistant cover which will not rot even if the hose is stored wet. Not intended for use as a fire hose.


  • Easy identification - white cover with single stripe. Red stripe indicates single jacket; blue stripe indicates double jacket
  • Smooth natural rubber tube - Provides strength and flexibility
  • Double Jacket version - Provides greater abrasion resistance
  • Wide range of operating temperatures - Hose may be used in temperatures from -25° F (-31° C) to 185° F (+85° C) without stiffening
  • Packaging/ storage - Individually packed in cartons for ease of handling and shipping. Hose coils easily for storage


  • Pump water discharge
  • Construction pumps
  • Wash down service
  • Plant clean-up

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