SLIDE® Mold Releases


SLIDE® Mold Releases

Mold release agents in a variety of formulations including silicone, non-silicone, paintable, food approved, formulations for thermosets, lecithin, biodegradable and odorless. Choosing the right SLIDE® Mold Release is critical to molding productivity. SLIDE'S Mold Release Application Guide makes it easy to find the best release formulation for your application.


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Looking for a little more economy in a mold release? Check out Slide's light-duty releases. They’ll make your basic release applications more productive, and more economical.

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Are parts sticking? Is production bottle necked at the mold? Slide's competitively priced, medium-duty releases will help parts drop cleanly, and production climb.

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For your toughest applications, where you need the most effective release to keep parts from sticking, try one of Slide's heavy-duty releases. They’ll keep your production flowing. All are nonflammable aerosol formulations.


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