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IPS Mold SkirtsTM

IPS Mold SkirtsTM direct molded parts into the drop zone reducing waste and increasing profits. Skirts are easily attached and removed from the molding machine using high strength magnets and Velcro straps. All hardware is included. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Custom Tapered Mold Skirts


MODEL        Mold Width (A)      Skirt Length (B)      Mold Open Width (C)

*TMS-20            8"                                16"                           8"

*TMS-25          10"                                17"                         10"

*TMS-30          12"                                18"                         12"

*TMS-35          14"                                19"                         14"

*TMS-40          16"                                20"                         16"

*TMS-45          18"                                21"                         18"

*TMS-50          20"                                22"                         20"

*TMS-55          22"                                23"                         22"

*TMS-60          24"                                24"                         24"

*When submitting your quote request, please specify the D&E taper requirements using the "Custom Order Form" below and email to  Thank you


IPS Mold SkirtsTM are made of durable plastic with a PVC lining in the bottom to protect even the most delicate molding.  The unique construction will not absorb oil or grease and is abrasian, puncture and tear resistant.

Each Mold Skirt cleans up easily using only simple household cleaners and there are no folds to trade moldings or dirt.

The unique design allows to be attached to the machine using either magnets or Velcro support harnesses.


  • Increase profits
  • Made of soft, durable vinyl
  • Less scrap
  • Reduce contamination
  • Grease, abrasion and tear resistant
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Movable to other machines
  • Quick access to the mold
  • 230°F maximum operating temperature

Custom Tapered Order Form 

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