Molding and Tooling Components

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NEW AIRTECT - Plastic Leak Detection Alarm System

Pins circle
  • Straight Ejector Pins
  • Metric Ejector Pins
  • Shoulder Ejector Pins
  • Ejector Sleeves
  • Through-Hardened Pins

Kicvents circle
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Selection

Datecode circle

Plastixs® Date Code Inserts - For long term use in rubber and plastic molding.

Thinswitch circle
  • Global Thinswitch
  • Thinswitch Limit Switch
  • Liquid Resistant Thinswitch
  • Versaswitch™ Limit Switch
  • Smartlock® Slide Retainer & Limit Switch

Fasttie circle

FasTie Quick Ejector Tie-In System by SMARTFLOW® quickly "ties-in" the mold ejector plate to the press ejection system in an injection molding press, dramatically reducing mold change time.

Ionix circle

Ionix Static Eliminator. Makes plastic cleanup FAST and EASY

Partingline circle
  • Side Locks
  • Top Locks
  • Guide Locks


Molding and Tooling Components

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