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SLIDE® Paintable Mold Release No. 40012N

SLIDE® Paintable Mold Release requires no special cleaning.  SLIDE® Paintable Mold Release will not interfere with part bonding, heat sealing, laminating, ultrasonic welding or post-decorating operations.  You get perfect finishes every time and more cycles per can over other comparable releases.  Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories.

• No chlorinated solvents 
• Light-duty 
• Get a perfect finish 
• Paint, plate and hot-stamp over it 
• No spalling & no fish-eyes
• Maximum operating temperature:  650ºF 

  • Product No. 40012N aerosol (Net Wt. 11.5 oz.) 
  • Product No. 40035N cylinder
  • Product No. 40001PB 1- gallon  
  • Product No. 40005PB 5-gallon 
  • Product No. 40055PB 55-gallon

Slide 40012N Paintable Mold Release
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