Reinforced Air and Water Hose


Kuri Tec® Reinforced Air and Water Hoses

Air water circle

A special blended hose ideal for general air and water applications that need to operate at higher temperatures than traditional PVC hoses - sold in four colors (1/4" - 3/4" ID)

Polyair k1131 circle

Multi Purpose Air & Water Hose stays flexible at low temperatures. Ideal hose for air tool applications - sold in five colors (1/4" - 1" ID)

K1154 circle

General Purpose PVC Air and Water Hose for transfer of air, water and mild water soluble chemicals - excellent for pneumatic tools and paint spray systems (1/4" - 1" ID)

Pneu thane series circle

Lightweight Reinforced Polyurethane Pneumatic Air Tool Hose (Bulk) (1/4"-1/2" ID)

Hsc poly group

Series HSC2840, HSC2841, HSC2844, HSC2846 Ether-Based Polyurethane Self-Store Coiled Assemblies for Air Tool Service (1/4"-3/8" ID)

Tundra air circle

TUNDRA-AIR® Series K1231, K1234, K1236 Air & Water Hose (1/4"-1" ID)

Hs1171 circle

Series K1171, K1773, K1174, K1176 General Service PVC Air & Water Hose (1/4"-5/8" ID)

K1184 circle

Series K1181, K1184, K1186 Utility Grade PVC Air Hose (1/4"-3/8" ID)

Hs5094 circle

PNEU-THANE™ Series HS5090, HS5094, HS5096 Lightweight Reinforced Polyurethane Pneumatic Air Tool Hose Assemblies (with Rubber Bend Restrictors)

Hs1231 circle

TUNDRA-AIR™ Series HS1231, HS1234, HS1236 Assemblies

Hs1184 circle

Series HS1181, HS1184, HS1186 Utility-Grade PVC Air Tool Hose Assemblies

K2163 circle

Series K2163 Contractor PVC Water Hose

Hs2163hdw circle

Series HS2163HDW Black Contractors PVC Water Hose Assemblies

A1307 circle

Series A1307 Standard Duty PVC Water Hose (Bulk)

A1317 circle

Series A1317 Heavy Duty Reinforced PVC Water Hose

Hs1317 circle

Series HS1317 Heavy Duty Reinforced Green PVC Water Hose Assemblies


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