Electric Crane Minidrel 150S HG Series

Electric Crane for Plastics Injection Mold

Features & Benefits:

The MINIDREL 150S HG is the mold lifting machine designed to lift and carry a load of up to 15,000 kg. Ideal for use in the plastic materialsmold lifting sector and for industrial maintenance applications.

The small size of the MINIDREL 150S HG crane allows to achieve a high degree of performance in small spaces.

Technical Specifications:

Hook capacity 15.000 Kg
Height min. of elevation hook 2,600 mm
Height max. of elevation hook 5,200 mm
Possibility of extension in height up to (optional)
Standard telescopic extension 1,350 mm
Capacity at max. standard telescopic extension 15.000 Kg
Telescopic extension up to (optional) 3,600 mm
Capacity at max. telescopic extension (point 7) 5.000 Kg
Wheelbase: 3,500 mm
Dimensions – length 4,160 mm
Dimensions – width 1,780 mm
Dimensions – height 3,400 mm
Movement speed variable from: From 0 to 60 m / min
Negotiable slope 8%
Gradeability at full load 3%
Front wheels 4 x Ø300 x 180 mm
Rear wheels 2 x Ø 450 x 180 mm
Wheel material Polyurethane
Driving traction REAR WHEEL
Total weight 15,600 Kg
Electric motor power 12.0 KW / 48 cc.
Traction battery 560 Ah / 48V
Charger 380/440 V -50/60 Hz
Acid battery
GEL battery
Longer battery life
Proportional control of all movements
Certification according to 2006/42 CE standard
Production according to UL508 A standard
Certification (from third party company) standard UL508 A
Hydraulic traction control
Automatic braking system
Anti-tipping safety system
Pressure control safety valves
Electrical emergency safety devices
Winch (lifting capacity on request)
Wireless remote control
User manual and technical documentation
Possibility to carry out all movements with the max. Load

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