Heavy Duty Mold Rack

Save Space, Save Time, and Reduce Costs with Injection Mold Rack Systems

Available Models

Plastixs carries the following Rack-Storage injection mold rack system:

Heavy Duty Mold Rack

The Heavy duty rack is modular and can be expanded or changed according to storage requirements with the help of add-on modules.

It is ideal for storage of expensive and bulky machine components, motors, valves and metal parts. The Heavy duty racking system makes stored goods freely accessible via pull-out compartments, therefore reduces the risk of transportation accidents and minimizes handling difficulties.

As a result the system increases operational health and safety and decreases time required to provide goods by up to 80%.

Available compartment designs:

  1. Compartments 63% extractable to one side
  2. Compartments 63% extractable on both sides
  3. Compartments 100% extractable to one side

* Electronic version available as well.


  • Improved storage
  • Faster provision of goods
  • Protection of stored goods is optimized and preserves their value
  • Increases operational health and safety
  • Also available as electric version

Technical Specifications:

Height Max: 79 in.
Compartment load capacity 4400 – 5500 lb.
Number of compartments 4
Extension 63% or 100%
Usable width/compartment 40 – 50 in.
Usable depth/compartment 40 – 50 in.

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