Plastixs® Date Code Inserts

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Plastixs® Date Code Inserts are uniquely designed to provide trouble-free indexing. Designed for long term use in both plastic and rubber molding environments where heat, mold releases and rubber flash cause other date code inserts to fail. All date code parts are made to order and are non-returnable.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


  • Standard sizes 4mm to 20mm
  • Easy access from back of mold with flat-head screwdriver
  • Pre-hardened 416 Stainless steel material handles heat up to 350° F
  • Reliable, trouble free use reduces downtime
  • Easy maintenance for turning, cleaning and replacement

Choose from the following styles:

  • Style A – Blank
  • Style B – Outer engraved with months (1-12), inner engraved with arrow and the last two digits of the current year (unless otherwise specified)
  • Style C – Outer engraved with quarters (1-4), inner engraved with the last two digits of the current year (unless otherwise specified)
  • Style D – Outer engraved with 5 consecutive years, starting with the current year, inner engraved with arrow only

Prices include engraving. Custom engraving upon request. Replacement centers available.  Last two digits of item# refer to year.  Contact us, if you have a custom request or require a different year.

Additional information

Weight Please select an option above.

4 mm (0.1575")
6 mm (0.236"2")
8 mm (0.315")
10 mm (0.393")
12 mm (0.4724")
16 mm (0.63")
20 mm (0.7847")


Style A
Style B
Style C
Style D
Inner Only

SKU PLX-16-A-22
SKU PLX-4-B-22
SKU PLX-16-B-22
SKU PLX-4-C-22
SKU PLX-16-C-22
SKU PLX-4-D-22
SKU PLX-16-D-22
SKU PLX-6-A-22
SKU PLX-20-A-22
SKU PLX-6-B-22
SKU PLX-20-B-22
SKU PLX-6-C-22
SKU PLX-20-C-22
SKU PLX-6-D-22
SKU PLX-20-D-22
SKU PLX-8-A-22
SKU PLX-8-B-22
SKU PLX-8-C-22
SKU PLX-8-D-22
SKU PLX-10I-22
SKU PLX-10-A-22
SKU PLX-12I-22
SKU PLX-10-B-22
SKU PLX-16I-22
SKU PLX-4-A-22
SKU PLX-10-C-22
SKU PLX-10-D-22
SKU PLX-12-A-22
SKU PLX-12-B-22
SKU PLX-12-C-22
SKU PLX-12-D-22
SKU PLX-20I-22

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