Kuri Tec® K9296 K-TOUGH™ High Pressure Wire & Yarn Reinforced Suction & Discharge Hose

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Kuri Tec K9296 K-TOUGH


  • Food-grade hose complies with FDA and NSF requirements
  • Increased pressure rating with new heavy duty construction
  • Highly durable, designed for indoor and demanding outdoor applications
  • Superior flexibility
  • High cycle strength designed to resist damage from constant flex applications
  • Abrasion resistant cover
  • Steel wire provides static dissipative properties and prevents build-up of static electricity
  • MSHA accepted cover materials
  • Phthalate free
  • Service temperature: -5° F (-20° C) to +150° F (+65° C)

Phthalate free

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K9296-24X50 [1.5" ID x 50 feet]
K9296-24X100 [1.5" ID x 100 feet]
K9296-32X50 [2" ID x 50 feet]
K9296-32X100 [2" ID x 100 feet]
K9296-40X50 [2.5" ID x 50 feet]
K9296-40X100 [2.5" ID x 100 feet]
K9296-48X50 [3" ID x 50 feet]
K9296-48X100 [3" ID x 100 feet]

SKU K9296-24X50
SKU K9296-24X100
SKU K9296-32X50
SKU K9296-32X100
SKU K9296-40X50
SKU K9296-40X100
SKU K9296-48X50
SKU K9296-48X100

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