Kuri Tec® K6155, K6158 High Purity PVC Potable Water Hose

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  • A high purity, non-conductive, NSF certified, phthalate free hose with colored jacket, which is ideal for potable water and deionized water transfer
  • Tube: clear phthalate free PVC compound formulated in compliance with FDA and NSF criteria
  • High tensile strength multi-fillament polyester yarn reinforcement
  • Cover: phthalate free PVC compound available in two solid colors: K6155 (White), K6158 (Gray)
  • Made with phthalate free PVC compounds certified under NSF-51/NSF-61
  • White or gray jacket to reduce tendency for algae growth and UV degradation in warm, sunny applications
  • Non-marking and non-perforated cover
  • Non-conductive compounds
  • One-piece lengths
  • RoHS compliant
  • Silicone and Phthalate free
  • Service temperature: +25° F (-4° C) to +150° F (+65° C)

Phthalate free

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K6155-08X300 [1/2" ID x 300 feet] WHITE
K6155-12X200 [3/4" ID x 200 feet] WHITE
K6155-16X200 [1" ID x 200 feet] WHITE
K6158-06X300 [3/8" ID x 300 feet] GRAY
K6158-08X300 [1/2" ID x 300 feet] GRAY
K6158-12X200 [3/4" ID x 200 feet] GRAY
K6158-16X200 [1" ID x 200 feet] GRAY
K6158-24X100 [1.5" ID x 100 feet] GRAY

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SKU K6155-16X200
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SKU K6155-08X300
SKU K6158-06X300
SKU K6158-08X300
SKU K6158-24X100

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